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Imation i30802 32 GB iOS LINK Portable Data Storage for iPhone and iPod Touch Devices

The Imation LINK Power Drive lets you move and store data to free up storage space on your iPhone or iPod touch. The drive also lets you restore battery life so you’ll stay connected longer and be able to backup photos, videos and files wherever you go.

Save and Share Files

Back up photos, videos and other important data.

Get More Memory

Transfer photos, videos and files from your iPhone or iPod touch to the LINK Power Drive to free up space.

Stay Powered Up

Use the integrated power bank to charge your iPhone or iPod touch wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Stream Content

View content from your LINK Power Drive on your mobile device while you charge.

PC and Apple Lightening Connectors

Features built-in standard USB and Apple Lightning connectors for transferring files between your computer and your iPhone or iPod touch.