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Mafia III Deluxe Edition

by / Saturday, 08 July 2017 / Published in Uncategorized

After years of waiting for a new Mafia release, this one did not disappoint! It is a totally different storyline but it still has the authentic Mafia feel to it. The graphics are great and the controls are smooth.

I won’t go into much detail about the plot, I will leave that for you to enjoy and discover. My review and 5 stars are based on performance and playability. This game draws you in quickly, especially if you are a Mafia and Mafia 2 fan.

If you were unable to be a part of the real life Mafia experience this is your next best option 😉 The best part is you don’t really have to die or goto prison! This is a campaign only game , online multiplayer of some sort would have made this game epic! I will hope for that option to be implemented into Mafia 4 🙂

Buy a copy today, you will be happy, Deluxe version or regular, you will still be buying a great, addicting game.


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